ANKR Live Sessions Episode 4 : Tek / Fata'an


ANKR Live Sessions is an electronic music spectacle that takes place in outdoor surroundings. We entered nature to capture the harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment, melding together sound and space to commemorate the extraordinary moment. ANKR also sampled the natural environment from the east coast and collected traditional aboriginal music in first-hand recordings, then brought them back to Taipei for the four music producers to create new music for the Live Session performances.

Waterfalls are place that draw people into their imaginations, where the vitality of life is implied. Life is like a waterfall. Seek for the best and pour yourself out regardless of twists, turns, and bumps you may encounter. Peace and tranquility will eventually be found. Tek is a music producer, sound designer, founder of an electronic music festival, and a DJ with more than a decade of live performance experience.