ANKR Live Sessions Episode 1 : Lemonfacer / Gongliao


ANKR Live Sessions is an electronic music spectacle that takes place in outdoor surroundings. We entered nature to capture the harmonious relationship between humanity and the environment, melding together sound and space to commemorate the extraordinary moment. ANKR also sampled the natural environment from the east coast and collected traditional aboriginal music in first-hand recordings, then brought them back to Taipei for the four music producers to create new music for the Live Session performances.

On this episode, we reached a magnificent spot on the northeast coast where mountains and the sea meet, dazzling next to Guishan Island. The shore melds with the rolling hills like silent green waves as clouds loom over the mountains and settle between the glowing green mountains and the ocean. Lemonfacer is an electronic music producer and DJ from California, USA who appreciates Taiwan's culture and natural environment.