TAICCA Announces New Music Program with YouTube for Artists from Taiwan


YouTube Music Sessions x TAICCA Program featuring 5 groups of Taiwanese artists from different genres.

Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA) today (March 16th) announced a new program with YouTube. Five groups of artists from Taiwan, including Crowd Lu (盧廣仲), Flesh Juicer (血肉果汁機), Julia Wu (Julia 吳卓源), Leo Wang (Leo王), and 831 (八三夭), are selected to YouTube Music Sessions for their international appeals. They will produce online showcase videos with multilingual subtitles for international audiences. Big data will be used to monitor their online volumes and performances afterwards, in order to bring more Taiwanese artists to the world.

From localization to globalization via streaming platforms.

In the post-pandemic world, said TAICCA CEO Izero Lee, consumers have visibly shifted their information channels. Therefore, conversion rates in the digital market are particularly crucial. Besides supporting artists in their international creative journeys, TAICCA also utilizes data analytics from YouTube to effectively convert online volumes into production values. This endeavor will attract more international attention to music in Taiwan, and facilitate potential international collaborations. In the future, TAICCA and YouTube may expand to other data analytics.

Sun Lee, Head of Music (Korea & Greater China) and Artist Relations (APAC) at YouTube, also said that Taiwan's diverse talents and creative resources in music have allowed them to establish a strong foothold in the current Mandarin pop music industry. YouTube hopes to help Taiwanese artists craft an export strategy by using data to gain an in-depth understanding of their audiences and audience’s preferences, as well as strengthening strategic channel and content management. Lee also thanks TAICCA for its efforts in promoting the globalization of local content, and hopes to support Taiwanese pop music successfully enter international markets through the “YouTube Music Sessions in partnership with TAICCA” initiative.

Presenting 5 aspects of Taiwanese music scene.

This program invited five artists in pop, heavy metal, R&B, rap, and rock. With long takes and special perspectives, Crowd Lu (盧廣仲) looked forward to viewer comments and responses. Flesh Juicer (血肉果汁機) expressed gratitude to TAICCA and YouTube for their suggestions on social media operations, so it's works could be delivered to target markets more effectively. It could also engage with fans early before tours in the future. It was a rare opportunity to arrange different compositions for each song, said Julia Wu (Julia 吳卓源), and recreate live performance experiences to viewers. The music selection included Taiwanese elements, Leo Wang (Leo王) highlighted, to present local cultures. It was the first time for 831 (八三夭) to utilize new technologies in VR studio with MoonShine Animation. Together, they created visual impressions for the new album.

  • Teaser: on Google Taiwan's YouTube channel: https://reurl.cc/GoRYDA  
  • Performance: 8pm on March 21st (Taipei Time) on each of the artists' Official Artist Channels on YouTube.
  • Behind-the-Scenes: March 28th to March 30th on each of the artists' Official Artist Channels on YouTube.