Eden Hill Festival Autumn 2019 : Why All Festival Lovers Should Go


Only 1 week left before Eden Hill Festival Autumn 2019. One of the greatest independent underground musical events in Taiwan is coming back on October 11th in Puli, Nantou, for a 3-days-long musical journey focused on electronic music.

Here are the reasons why all festival lovers residing in Taiwan should go :

1. The Venue

This amazing location was found by Eden Hill's crew after two years hunting for the ideal spot to host an outdoor party in Taiwan. It's located at the top of Tiger-Head Mountain, in Nantou, the geographical center of Taiwan. Eden Hill Festival does not only offer great music, it's also a unique opportunity to enjoy a warm sunbath, to share a picnic with your friends, to get mind-blowed by a stunning sunset, and to dance enlightened by the stars. There you can experience a gorgeous landscape, overlooking the entire town of Puli, as well as the magnificent mountain ranges surrounding it. You get to enjoy the music, all the natural gifts and the artistic displays offered by this fantastic location at same time.

(Photo: UMBRELLA CREATORS, courtesy of Eden Hill Festival)

2. Insane schedule and timetables

More than 30 artists will perform through 4 different stages featuring different ambiances and moods, during days and nights without interruption. Electronic artists and DJs from Taiwan and abroad will work together to display and promote the very best electronic music from Asia to foreign students, party lovers, and electronic music aficionados. House, techno, ambient, downtempo, chill-out, lounge, experimental, are just some of the many genres that you will be listening there. Fans and diligent followers of Boiler Room and various Techno Parties through Asia will probably feel familiar with many names from the DJ Line-Up, as the Festival will display some of the best Artists in Taiwan, as well as special guests for Prime Time coming all the way from France, Germany, Canada, or China.

(Photo: UMBRELLA CREATORS, courtesy of Eden Hill Festival)

3. The Food

This might surprises you, but Eden Hill Festival is also popular for its Food. Not only the festival offers the regular festival Food that everyone craves such as burgers, paninis or tacos, but it also put a special accent on exotic food, such as beef noodles, buddha bowls, french fries, and croissants for breakfast... Food doesn't come last for Eden Hill's Crew, and everything is considered diligently to make sure party goers will enjoy the time they spent there !

(Photo: UMBRELLA CREATORS, courtesy of Eden Hill Festival)

4. The Booze

Eden Hill Festival Autumn 2019 will be offering a selection of freshly imported Belgium beers at the bar this year, and the good news is that they will remain affordable price-wise. This change is part of a large ambition from Eden Hill's crew to scale-up everything you will get access to during the festival. Including the venue, the music, the food, the drinks, etc. Get ready to live three days of delicacies with finest tastes.

(Photo: UMBRELLA CREATORS, courtesy of Eden Hill Festival)

5. Environment

Eden Hill Festival is an environmental-friendly event. For Eden Hill's crew, every event is a chance for us to reduce our waste, so the aim is to protect environment while having fun. Since couple year now, they have been supporting waste reduction movement and tried to make everyone feel as proud global-conscious citizens. Less plastic waste gives the earth more room to breath, eventually benefiting all creatures and lives on the planet. That's why they adopted an eco-friendly policy. Eden Hill does not serve food and drinks in disposable plates and cups. Instead, the festival provides reusable cuttleware and tableware, and limited edition Eden Hill stainless steel Thermo bottles can be purchased on-site. The beers are sold in glass bottles, and all usage of plastic straws and other single-use products are banned. Their ultimate goal is to fully eliminate usage of disposable plastic products. They encourage festival participants to bring their own cups and tableware as a contribution to save the environment.

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(Photo: UMBRELLA CREATORS, courtesy of Eden Hill Festival)