"Xin-Gan-Bao-Bay" Is a Sweet Groovy Love Song for Young Generation


L8ching (lei-ching) is a singer-songwriter based in Taipei, Taiwan. L8ching started his musical career as a drummer and has performed with numerous talented Taiwanese artists such as Leo Wang, Sunset Rollercoaster, and Come on! Baybay!.

In 2018, he started performing with session bands and was the supporting act for Sunset Rollercoaster and Jamie Isaac from London. L8ching's music is characterized by a gloomy and groovy vibe that is reminiscent of Taiwan's rainy weather. His music fuses elements of R&B with that of electronic and his poignant lyrics reflect deep love and great lost.

At the end of 2018, L8ching released his first single, "Xin-gan-bao-bay (feat. addychills)," a sweet and groovy love song performed in both Hokkien and English. The lyrics are the confession of a man in love who is unsure about everything except for his love for a girl.