SPOTLIGHT ON: The White Eyes 白目樂隊


白目樂隊 The White Eyes combines punk, dance, retro into their own brand of music. They have made appearances all over, including Spring Scream, Formoz Festival and live houses everywhere. Known for the most powerful, sexy, raw live performances, they are the winner of the 2008 Ho-Hai-Yan Gongliao Rock Festival Awards. Lead singer Gao Xiao Gao is known as the most violently sexy voice in the Taipei indie music circle. Often seen in a beige leotard, she storms the stage shredding the guitar between her legs. Along with drummer Luke Hsiao and bassist Fan Chung, The White Eyes charms the crowd with their unique numbers that are upbeat and sophisticated.

The band's 2010 debut album, Kiss Your Eyes, is a mix of a wide range of psychedelic elements such as grunge, punk, and psychobilly. It took home Best Album Design of Taiwan's 22nd Golden Melody Awards. They then toured China's major cities and represented Taiwan at the SXSW festival. With the release of their compilation album A Fucking Day in 2017, The White Eyes are still leading the front, loud and wild, with all the punk rockers in the Chinese-speaking world.