Watch the Music Video "The Opening Song" from GIMA Best Band No-Nonsense Collective


No-Nonsense Collective is a Taiwanese band formed in 2016, consisting with 4 unproductive lazy men—vocalist Li-Wei Kuo, guitarist Pin-Nan Hsieh, bassist Shuo-Yuan Hsieh and drummer Hsiao-Chi Chiu.

In 2016, soon after they founded No-nonsense Collective, the band performed in Kouenji, Tokyo. Then they held the “Trapped Citizen Riot” party with their friends of cultural collective “Trapped Citizen” independently in 2017. Both events had favorable reviews. Furthermore, they were also invited to perform at the BeastieRock Festival, the Megaport Festival, and the Wake Up Festival. It is not rare to find fans dancing to their music and bursting into tears.

No-nonsense Collective published their first EP Escape from Freedom in 2017. Their music is infinite, based on punk, combining with blues, folk, grunge, and slightly indie-pop.