Golden Indie Music Awards Winners Announced: Trout Fresh, Chiu Pi, And Magaitan Each Takes Home Two Awards


Results of the ninth Golden Indie Music Awards (金音獎) were announced at Oct 27 (Sat). Rapper Trout Fresh (呂士軒), electronic music singer CHIU PI (邱比), and indigenous folk singer Magaitan Lhkatafatu (瑪蓋丹.石卡達法度) were the biggest winners, each pocketing two trophies.

Trout Fresh was nominated for 5 awards, winning the Best Hip-hop Album with Awesome by Accident (誤入奇途) and Best Hip-hop Single with “The Wimp Has Left the Building (孬種走了)." Inspired by the trout’s upstream battle to their spawning grounds, the rapper gave himself the stage name Trout Fresh as a self-encouragement to fight against all odds no matter how hard life gets. As a member of the hip-hop trio SmashRegz (違法) in 2008, Trout has worked with numerous Taiwanese artists. His contributions could be seen in the works of Miss Ko (葛仲珊) and J.Sheon. Songs in Awesome by Accident are based on Trout’s life stories in all their tears and laughter, winning fan’s hearts while being so relatable. For example, “The Wimp Has Left the Building" is about his experience of being bullied as a child, the fear and how it had been overcome.

Another big winner CHIU PI bagged Best Singer-songwriter and Best Electronics Album with his third release SPLENDOR (大放). As a prolific creator, he has published 16 digital concept albums on the internet. Sung in his ethereal whisper in the floating, psychedelic electronic atmosphere, coupled with rich philosophical lyrics, CHIU PI’s music is fashionable and Zen-like. In SPLENDOR, he explores the possibilities of audio expression with music and voice. Taking the concept of the refraction of light, voices from four directions cross and layer on each other. Their fantastically realistic theatrical interaction reflects that of the four components of a person: essentiality, rationality, sensibility, and physique.

Native Taiwanese singer Magaitan Lhkatafatu of the Thaos (邵族) won Judges’ Choice Award and Best Folk Album with his la mathuaw maqitan apiakuzan (美好的,怎麼了?). Sandee Chan (陳珊妮), chair of the jury, says “This is Taiwan’s first contemporary folk album written in Thao, which UNESCO listed as an endangered language. The entire album is genuinely beautiful and moving." Magaitan comes from a journalism background and had scored soundtracks for films in the past. After discovering that his mother tongue and tribal songs were on the verge of extinction, he decided to record the album in Thao in an effort to keep the heritage alive. The album is a rich collection of songs about life stories as well as ancestral hymns of the Thao people.

No-nonsense Collective (無妄合作社) got crowned Best Band with their album Escape from Freedom (逃脫時間的鎖). Founded in 2016, this punk-based band demonstrates a skillful fusion of folk, reggae, blues, and grunge. Their lyrics describe the plight of workers facing exploitation, reflecting the reality of society and at the same time giving people courage.

Now in its 9th year, the Golden Indie Music Awards has always been working towards encouraging new generations of creators. This year, in order to be more in line with the original intention. A new judging system has been introduced. A jury formed by the chairperson would take the place of a group of judges invited by the Ministry of Culture (文化部). Members of the jury consists musicians young and senior so that artists of different generations would have a chance to express and exchange ideas. The inclusion of international judges helps connect Taiwan with other parts of Asia and also bring Taiwanese music beyond, to the broader worldwide stage.