Actor YouJen Breaks into Music Career with "Ah-Nia-Wei-Ya", a Song Depicting Taiwan's Unique Food Culture


“Have you eaten yet?” is one of the most common and frequently used phrases of greeting for any Taiwanese or Chinese-speaking person. On the same lines, night markets, eateries, and banquets are some of the best places for friends and neighbors to have warm heart-to-hearts or catch up on friendly gossip.

After six months of hard work and preparation, actor YouJen made his music debut with a delicious single that is all about eating and is sure to make you hungry and hungry for more. The single was produced by one of the most highly-anticipated producers of our generation, Li Xiao Zu. Li was catapulted to fame after working as producer for bands such as No Party For Cao Dong and EggPlantEgg. The musical arrangement for this 70s disco vibe inspired single was done by LEO37+SOSS, a band that was nominated this year’s Golden Melody Award.

YouJen became a total Internet sensation through his highly versatile and brilliant performances. He displayed even more of his talents by writing the lyrics and composing the song for his debut single. The overwhelmingly colorful music video features all of his Internet characters and a well-choreographed dance group; it’s like watching a vintage and ludicrous Taiwanese variety show.

Having risen to fame as an Internet sensation, hosted shows, acted in TV series, and performed on stage, YouJen has accumulated nearly a decade of experience in the entertainment industry. In addition to his many artistic endeavors, YouJen had always harbored the dream of becoming a singer, which he has now made a reality. This single was created in collaboration with some of Taiwan’s best new generation creatives and it marks the beginning of a new and wonderful show. “Action!”