Sorry Youth Encourage Their "Brothers" with a Ten-Minute Rock Epic


"See you in our dreams, on the other side."

The ten-minute Taiwanese rock epic "Brothers Shouldn't Live Without Dreams" is dedicated to all those bravely pushing forward amidst the frustrations of life.

Sorry Youth is a Taiwanese indie band formed by Weni (vocals, guitar), Giang Giang (vocals, bass) and Chung-Han (vocals, drums). Their style is a mix of instrumental-rock, noise-pop and emo, while blending in Taiwanese local dialect into the melody and rhythm to showcase unique Taiwanese cultures.

Sorry Youth is one of the best rock bands in Taiwan. After a 5-year long hiatus, they have incorporated into their second album Brothers Shouldn't Live Without Dreams new elements like brass and Beiguan music. Singing in Taiwanese dialect, Sorry Youth represent the true spirit of Taiwan's style.

After the excitement of producing and being nominated for the Golden Melody Awards for their album Sea Food, Sorry Youth return to their poetic lives of earning their bread by day and creating music by night.

Brothers Shouldn't Live Without Dreams album cover.

As young adults now, the Youths have grown out of that adolescent recklessness and have shown more sophistication and insight. They have refined their songwriting skills while maintaining the Taiwanese rock course on the their musical pursuit. In their quest for more diversified arrangements, they've added to their bold and fearless music new ingredients from other styles such as folk blues, Taiwanese liam-kua, as well as elements of harmonization. Recordings of live performances are incorporated into production to retain the rough gutsy-ness of the band's true grit.

Thanks to the Sorry Youth's ferocious Taiwanese rock , award-winning producer Blaire Ko's uncompromising attention to detail, and award-winning graphic designer Godkidlla's audacious strokes, Brothers Shouldn't Live Without Dreams is a masterpiece sure to arouse gentle yet unyielding tidal waves in you.